Unplugged my MIDI Keyboard and now it won't work

• Dec 4, 2020 - 03:49

I unplugged my MIDI Keyboard before closing the program, now no matter how many times I restart my computer, futz around in the I/O preferences and "Restart Audio and MIDI Devices" it won't work.

I even uninstalled, re-downloaded, and re-installed.

Please help. I have a project due in a couple days, and I don't have the time to manually input notes.


Finally got it to work. After uninstalling/re-installing several times in different timing configurations of when I unplugged/plugged in my MIDI, this is the process that worked:

For reference, my MIDI is an Alesis V25

-Uninstall Musescore
-Shut down computer (restarting alone wasn't good enough to make it work in an earlier try because the restart didn't cut the power to my MIDI keyboard, which does not have an on/off switch)
-Unplug MIDI
-Boot up computer
-Install Musescore
-Shut down computer
-Plug in MIDI
-Boot up computer
-Load Musescore
-Go into I/O to add my keyboard to the Preferences

I'm glad it's working, but really frustrated that the solution to this problem (which wouldn't be a problem on other platforms) took so long. I use Musescore for many different things, one being teaching virtually, and I need to often move between my MIDI workstation, my piano, and my makeshift home dance studio (different room). I am sure this is going to happen again when I forget that I'm running the program in a different window and need to unplug my MIDI to move.

I hope this issue gets addressed in future updates. This is not an issue for the other programs that I use to run my MIDI (ProTools, Ableton, etc.)

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This though very much sounds more like an issue with your keyboard than with MuseScore. If your keyboard for some reason gets stuck and is no longer capable of sending MIDI messages, then there is not much anyone listening for those messages (be it MuseScore or any other MIDI capable program) that can do anything about that.

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