Bass drum/hat pedal note input gets stuck

• Dec 4, 2020 - 06:36

I'm working on some drum set transcriptions and I run into an issue where, when I go to click on the button to swap to bass drum or hi hat pedal, the note gets stuck at the start of the measure as if the only thing in the measure were a whole note rest, and I have to exit and re-enter Note Input mode to actually place it where I want. this a setting I have to turn off somewhere? It's making writing these parts out a lot more time consuming than it should be.


The next time this happens, look at the numbers in the bottom right corner of the MuseScore window and see if they're preceded by "Edit." If this is the case, you have accidentally double clicked and put the item in edit mode. You can press escape once to exit edit mode.

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Oh, I now realize what's happening. The bass drum and High hat pedals are in voice 2 but you are still trying to enter them into voice 1. You need to switch to voice 2, enter any rests needed to get to the beat where you want the note and enter it. You can then make any unwanted rests invisible by selecting them and pressing V. The drum note entry instructions for the computer keyboard seems to be missing this important point.

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