How can I do this things in MS? (pic)

• Dec 4, 2020 - 16:44

Please look at the file and pic when reading the questions, it's hard to explain in English for me.

Question A: How can I bind the first chord under roof 2, with the last chord before? The last chord before the roofs can bind to the first under roof 1 but not to the first under roof 2.

I can make it look as it should, by editing some lines, but it sure does not sound correctly when played in MS, and if changeing anything, the lines go totally out of place. Please see both MS-file and pic.

Question B: How do I get what can be seen in the third measure on row two, to sound like the measure in the middle? The third measure is just visually fixed, so it does not sound correctly when playing in MS.

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Then the mordent still plays wrong in MS, but looks correct for sheet. I want it to go down half a note, not follow the scale.

I solved it partly (see attached file) but the invisible notes still takes space which makes it look unnatural. For what I wanted, the notes play what I want, but another situation could lead to to something impossible or too many notes.

See attached pic for what I tried adjust to make it better. If doing this to ALL elements in the measure it looked correct, but as soon as change anything that changes the measures length, it gets skewed. If I would have more invisible notes, it would get impossible to shorten space between visible notes with the ways I know.

The best thing would have been to be able to set parameters to an ornament, controlling it to make half or whole steps.

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