The Staff

• Oct 13, 2008 - 12:17

Hi everyone/developers,
New to forum today.
I've been using Finale Notepad for years, and more recently Lilypond with Denemo frontend. I don't know why - both limited too much even if free - Lilypond on its own is just too user unfriendly and Denomo is not what I'm looking for.
Found your program while googling (is that actually a word?), and love it - simple to use and pretty well got all the features I can practically use.
OK here's the question: I've been fiddling with the program for a couple of days now and seem to have most of the important stuff figured out. I like the way I can increase the measure sizes to suit so as not to look too cramped or whatever, however when I print out the printing is quite small - so, is there any way to actually increase the distance/spacing of the lines of the staff to make it actually bigger in print, and perhaps easier to read in the printed form? If not, could it be added to the list of things that might be done at some stage. Something like what you get when you magnify the on-screen image. Or perhaps something in the Edit Style menu.
I know nothing about programming so don't know if this is easy/hard/impossible.
Thanks for a great program.


Hi Dave,

what you are looking for can be found in Layout->Page Settings. There you can define the distance of the lines in a staff ("space") which in effect scales the whole score.


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