How to make spacing of double stops smaller

• Dec 6, 2020 - 00:17

Can someone help me with how to make the spacing between notes here less? Right now one 3/4 bar is taking up an entire line, which is really hard for readability. How can I make just these two bars with smaller spacing?

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There are a few options for how to do that. Attaching the actual score (.mscz file) would make it easier to give you a good answer.

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pdf is still a picture. There is no other context to help know what would be needed to make the measures take up less room. There are probably 10 things I could mention that might make it work. Some affect only the affected measures but may not work, others affect the entire score and may create more work to make the rest of the score look right. With a score (.mscz), I or someone else could give you a couple of good options.

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