Sound breaking up

• Dec 12, 2020 - 09:30

Hi everybody
I have today just encountered a problem with MS sound breaking up. Listen to the attached file - I have loaded the sound sample into a Powerpoint presentation since I can't upload an MP3 file direct.

MS Sound Sample.ppt

The problem seems to be there with all of my MS files. Playing other sound files such as CD's on Windows Media Player or Groove Music are OK, so I don't think it is the computer that is at fault. I think this is a prblem with MS. Curious and curiouser....

Any advice or suggestions are welcome. I have already tried uninstalling MS and downloading/installing it again, but to no avail.
Thank you to all in advance


Your mp3 isn't included in the powerpoint. The powerpoint is just a link to a file on your local drive, which of course we can't access.

Best way to share an mp3 is to zip it.

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Thank you for your response.
To answer both responses above --

The mp3 was grabbed by Audacity and exported from that, just to illustrate the problem with the breaking up.

I can play all my mp3 files (recordings of symphonies etc) OK on a variety of media such as Groove Music and Windows Media Player, with no trouble at all, both over the internal speakers (Conexant...) and over my Bluetooth headphones. Playing my scores directly from MS over the Bluetooth headphones also works correctly, so the problem seems to me to be something to do with MS interfacing with the computer and the Conexant connection. I have Exported an mp3 file from this Blumenfeld Sarabande score and that also runs correctly on Media Player for example.

I attach the score Sarabande 200913.mscz
and a couple of images
1 The I/O preference settings IO preference settings.jpg
There are 5 choices for the I/O API. These are "MME", "Windows DirectSound", "ASIO", "Windows WASAPI" and "Windows WDM-KS". I have tried choosing alternatives from this list to no avail, but I don't understand what these are exactly
2 The synthesizer settings Synthesizer.jpg

I remain puzzled. are there any other settings that you would like to know?
Thank you for your help and support.

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The reason I was asking about how the mp3 was captured is because the artifacts sounding is that of your CPU unable to keep up with rendering in real time, so you experience something alike to "stutter".
The fact that exported audio is fine stands to back up that train of thought.

For me, that happens on my older laptop if I start playback while the anti-virus is scanning in the background.

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That sounds like a possibility. My anti-virus does scan in the background at various times and the lapop is about 6 years old, so that might explain the problem. The CPU is a AMD-5200 working at 2 GHz with 4 GB of RAM.

Thank you for your comments

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No, not a lot, but this is the first occasion in 6 years that the problem has occurred. I wonder if it is just a coincidence.
I have just checked and MS seems to be working properly at the moment. I will keep my fingers crossed.
Thank you both for your help

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