Problem editing pedal line.

• Dec 12, 2020 - 18:48

In the example score, when I select the pedal line in measure 3 and try to use the inspector to change the 90 degree hook at the end of the line to a 45 degree hook, the line disappears, leaving only "Ped." The problem seems to have something to do with the 16th note at the end of measure 3 in the bass staff. To simplify the notation, I set that note to voice 2 and deleted the long string of rests that preceded it and which appeared to clutter the score. To me it is clear enough that the note occurs on beat 4.75, making all the rests unnecessary. How can I change the hook at the end of the pedal line to 45 degrees? Naturally, I want to do that and connect it to another pedal line with a start hook slanting 45 degrees to the left.

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When I changed the hook to 45 degrees the end point moved visually to the end of the note. I then put the line in edit mode and pressed shift+right arrow to make the end point match the start of the next pedal. You can then enter a pedal that starts with the 45 degree hook and they will line up as you describe.

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To be clear: you shouldn't be adding one pedal line then changing it to another. You should simply add the one with the 45 degree hook in the first place. If you don't see it in your palette, click the More button, and then when you find it, if you like, drag it to the main portion.

If you add the correct line in the first place,e all works as it should out of the box. If you add it as one line type then change it, you may encounter glitches that might require you to edit the end point, since we may use the end point when adding the line to determine how to lay it out.

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It's absolutely there. As mentioned previously, if you are in the Basic workspace, or if you are in Advanced but your previously deleted this, it might only appear when you click More, but it is there. Assuming you are using a version of MuseScore from the last four or five years or so.

What workspace are you in? Does it have the word "edited" in the name? If so, try resetting the palette by clicking the "..." menu and then Reset Palette.

Edit: oh, wait, you mean a hybrid that has both the old-style "Ped" and the more modern angle brackets? True, that isn't there by default. It's not at all standard in my experience. But, if you create one that way then Ctrl+Shift+drag it back to the palette, then it add itself correctly right out of the box in the future.

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I was going to post "Here is a screenshot of what I see in the Lines palette. I clicked on More. I believe it is the advanced workspace. I reset the palette. The version is Musescore Where is Ped______/?" but now I see your edit. I will try creating "Ped_______/" and adding it to the palette.

There is something fishy going on there.
After changing the hook to 45°, click the Pedal marking and press shift + left arrow to restore the anchor point. But it doesn't automatically fit its position with a following line.

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