Please help! I can't sort out this malfunction...

• Dec 19, 2020 - 19:05

I have attached my problem. I want to create a set of scales and I've done the same thing many times without a problem. I did the first two pages without an issue but then on page three and four, it all went wrong. If I add bars to page three, they get added to page 4 instead despite there being plenty of space on page 3. I've deleted everything on page 4 and started again but I can't get it to behave as it should at all. Suddenly courtesy accidentals start to appear when I don't want them and didn't select them. I've tried to copy everything to a new score but I lose all my text and fingering. Very frustrated and confused. If anyone can help, I'd be most grateful. Thank you.

I know I've got an out of date version but I updated to this version from a previous version and couldn't get my work from previous versions to new versions. They aren't automatically transferred, so I just use both. I'll read up on how to do it but I don't think this problem is relevant to what version I've got.


The courtesy key signatures are because you have page breaks rather than section breaks at the end of the previous scales. Remove the page breaks and insert section breaks instead and you will no longer get courtesy key signatures.

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