Crash issue and a few other changes

• Dec 20, 2020 - 15:25

Hi. I have a crash issue with my musescore resulting from an input error.

I use Musescore, Revision: 465e7b6, and MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6

The problem stems from an existing score of mine, where I had several bars of 6/8 meter which I needed to change to 3/4. That was easy enough on the score, however, whilst it changed it in the score, it did not alter in the parts (which all stayed 6/8). I tried several times to re-input into the score, but no corresponding change happened. I then tried to change directly in each part, and the system crashed. I tried this 4 times, with the same result. I updated to the latest version and the same crash happened. I need these parts for a performance relatively soon, so I really hope you can correct this bug. I have an error report if that helps, plus screen shots.

On a separate cosmetic issue, I notice that in this string sextet I have written, the bar lines run through all staves, except the bottom stave which seems to be separated. It’s connected on the left side, but nowhere else along the score. This is the same on every page. I have screen shots to show this problem.

Thirdly, is there any way to make Fp dynamic markings play back as musically intended? (At the moment, a Fp sounds forte)



It seems there is a bug when changing from 6/8 to 3/4 when you have parts. You shouldn't need to change the parts. Attaching the score would help us understand why the change is automatic and the crash that happens.

For the barlines not being connected, this is because you probably entered this as a quartet and it has the first 4 staves connected and when you added staves, the connections didn't extend. In version 3.5.2 you must do this manually, version 3.6 will give you the option to make this automatic.

For the Fp, this will also be more understandable if you attach the score. The default settings for this is to attach the note at Forte then change the dynamic to piano as you would expect. Being able to examine the details inside the actual score would be helpful.

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Thx Mike. Re 6/8 to 3/4 issue, I have attached the score here. Would a system crash report be of help to you? (I will attach that here in case)

Re: barlines, what are the steps to manually extend them in 3.5.2?

Re: Fp playback, it seems this is ok with the most recent version I updated earlier today. Thx.

Whilst on dynamics, one other issue which I really miss in playback and doesn't seem to be incorporated into the design is 'non-delineated' hairpins. If I put for example a hairpin across any 2 bars but without designating any dynamic parameters, there is no discernible difference between the notes in playback. I only hear something on musescore if I add parameters, e.g., a piano up to mf and back again to piano. But in real life performance, these hairpins are not always so exactly notated. They might for example be placed by the composer somewhere in the middle of a long pianissimo phrase, but without any specified volume limits to the hairpin. In other words, it's left to the performer to balance it according to what else is happening. I just feel it would be nice to have some small dynamic activation across 'non-delineated' hairpins during playback.

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To extend barlines, just double click one and drag the handle down. See the Handbook under Barlines for more info.

For hairpins, best practice is to include the dynamics, but if you have a situation where you don't mind that this is ambiguous to the performers, you can either add them and mark them invisible, or use the Inspector to set the velocity change of the hairpin directly.

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You probably need to delete the parts, make the changes and then recreate the parts. I did that in the attached score, changing all 3/4s to 6/8s. I am not sure if that is what you wanted, so you may want to do it again yourself. You may also want to regroup rhythms to make the 6/8s look like 6/8s. Do that before creating the parts. The part layouts can then be tidied up individually.

Ideally non-layout changes in the score should propagate to parts that are already created. This seems to work ok with things like note pitches and dynamics, but more structural things like changing time signatures often leads to problems. In my experience it is always better to leave part creation as late as possible.

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Hi Steve. Appreciate the feedback and your attempted adjustment. However that is not what I was aiming for. To put it in context, the original score version had 6/8, but later I realised that those bars are better felt as 3/4. I was able to subsequently change that in the score easily, but the parts remained fixed in 6/8. Nor could I change the time signatures manually in any of the respective parts (for those bars). And this is the main issue for me... even if the parts have already been created, an adjustment in the main score ought to be automatic in the parts, particularly such a major change as a time signature. I love the new version of musescore, but this issue is a problem. I'm hoping it will get fixed soon.

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So if you have the desired changes in the score, all you need to do is delete the existing parts and create new ones. As I said, propagation of structural changes in the score to parts that are already present seems often to result in problems. You seemed to think that there was no way to get your parts printed until a fix for this problem was found. Until it is found, the workaround is to delete the parts, make the changes, then recreate the parts. Here it is with the parts deleted and recreated.

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Thanks Steve. Yep, that works for now. Requires me to then go back in and re-adjust the layout of the individual parts, which is time consuming (as I had already spent time on that previously), so really hope the coding adjustment happens in the long-run, so that it can be automatically fixed. Appreciate your input. Cheers

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