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"A note about the soundfont (SF2, SF3, SFZ) files: In MuseScore 1.3, it is possible to load one SF2 file directly from anywhere. MuseScore 2.0 will provide a way to configure soundfont folders. These folders will be scanned by MuseScore for available soundfonts and users will be able to choose from this list. Loading soundfonts will be easier: Just drop them in the soundfont directory and they will be available to use in MuseScore."


1-Instead of choose in what folder the sfzs are (MuseScore dont scan subfolders) would be nice to be able to just dragndrop them, or to have a disk browser in the Synth to load from there.

2-Does Zerberus support Keyswitches (a keyswitch is a note out of the range of the instrument you are pplaying that switch between staccato, sustainet, etc, samples) I have a nice violin sfz that use keyswitches (it`s free btw, if anyone want it) but i cant make it to work in Zerberus.

3-I know that Musescore dont support yet midi CCs, does Zerberus support them?


The zerberus player is not a complete sfz player. More or less only the "Salamander Grand Piano" is supported. Also only some basic controllers are implemented as sustain, pan and volume.
If you are a programmer it should be easy to add keyswitches. Its probably not easy to implement all missing sfz operators to support arbitrary sfz files.

Unfortunately im not a developer but thanks for your reply. I know that the developer of the sforzando vsti is a very kind guy in case you need some help with sfz. He is at Ariaengine.com.

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I don't know anything about the design of the audio renderer in Musescore so this is highly speculative: would it be possible, by adding an audio unit (on Mac OS X), and then by selecting it in the mixer, to let sforzando or any other audio renderer play that instrument (send back to musescore the raw audio) ? That way Musescore becomes extremely powerful in terms of playing the score for those who need it.

Is there something similar to audio units on other OSs?

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This is possible by installing and configuring Jack Audio Connection Kit and then configuring MuseScore to output to JACK instead direct to the OS audio system.

I am currently preparing an ebook about this process on Windows, but I have no experience of doing this on a Mac. If you search the Forums for JACK, however, you should glean enough knowledge to get you started.

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Instead, it would be nice to be able to asign to a single note or a note with a musical symbol a specific sample from the soundfont in order to be able to hear the real sample effect (index or middle finger, subtle vibrato, wide vibrato, muted thumb pull. etc.).

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