Staccato and Tenuto on the wrong place

• Oct 13, 2008 - 19:47

Hello and thank you for this very good and easy to work software.
I have a problem with staccato, tenuto and other symbols:
When I select a note or a group of note and then double click on tenuto for example, the symbol doesn't come on the right place but comes just on the note.
Can you help me to resolve this?


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Thank you for the answer.
My problem is that the symbols (staccato, tenuto...) don't are written on the top of the notes and not above the note heads. They come automatically on the note head. I have to dissociate manualy each symbol from the note head.
Is there a configuration for the symbols that will make that each symbol will be placed above the note head and not on the note head?

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In complement, I would ask you another thing about the text edit.
On my version (O.9.3) on windows XP, the settings of the title, subtitle, tempo... formats applies only after I close musescore and re opened it.
I mean that when I edit texts, nothing happened, nothing changes. I must save my score and re open the program to visualize the changes that I have made.
Is there something wrong with my version?

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