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• Dec 31, 2020 - 19:28

Musescore is acting weird. It is putting notes on the wrong staff. Please help. I have put an image below


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Using 3.5.0 or 3.5.2? I'm not the one to look at the midi file and figure out the problem but someone will in due time. Most people here, besides me, are from Europe and they're probably counting down at the moment so don't be surprised if you don't get a good answer before tomorrow.

In your MIDI file all those notes belong to the same track, so there is nothing for MuseScore that even indicates that this should be placed on two staves other than that the MIDI instrument declared is a piano.
You've likely not changed any import setting in the import panel at all, so MuseScore is attempting some very fancy algorithm attempting to make something "playable" from what you've thrown at it.

So here's what I do in such a situation:
1. Uncheck the split staff and clef changes options and apply them.
2. Then right-click into the staff and choose "split staff". I've used c4 as the split point, but upon closer look in your midi file, you'll be better off using a3 as the split point.
3. Apply treble clef/brace and connect barlines.
4. Make use of implode and voice 1 assigning where possible within each respective staff.
5. Erase superfluous voices > 1 using the selection filter when all that is left in them are rests.
6. simplify some tied durations

And the result is the attached, which should give you a way better starting point for further editing.
In this score, I'd expect you to fix the time signature (start in 3/2 seems more appropriate, then change to the next relevant signature), fix the grace notes import and possibly the chromatic glissando. At the end of the piece, notate the normal rhythm and a ritardando compared to the current tuplet and duration increase.

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