decrescendo and add staccato shortcuts does not work.

• Aug 30, 2014 - 00:02

In Musescore 2.0 beta i can´t add neither decresndo or stacatto articulation by using the predefined shortcuts (my keyboard is portuguese BR). Worse, it is impossible to define new key combinations for such shortcuts. They simply do not work.


The fact that the default shortcuts don't work with all possible keyboard layouts is unfortunate but unavoidable. Those shortcuts overlap for me too. But it does work for me to re-define them. For instance, if I clear the staccato shortcut and then add "Ctrl+.", then "Shift+." / ">" adds the decrescendo, and "Ctrl+." adds staccato. What specifically goes wrong if you try the same?

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I'm using nightly on Linux 64. The staccato redefinition works (Ctrl+.) but the crescendo and decrescendo don't work mapped to < and >.

It does work if I map them to something else (eg [ and ]).

If it's any help, when I try to map cresc to < (which is Shift+, on my USA layout), the dialog box shows it as mapped to Shift+< so perhaps that's why it fails to register.

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I found this conflicting, too. I re-mapped crescendo and decrescendo back to h and [Shift]h. The way I use them , I tend to click on the note with the mouse (right hand) and then type the h which is easier than < or > using the left hand. Then I have . for staccato and [NumPad]. (yes, they're different) for note length augmentation. I can't find the double-dot augmentation in Shortcuts, though; I used to have it mapped to , (comma).

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