Issue/problem #3 adding accidental

• Jan 9, 2021 - 15:11

Linux applmage on chrome MS5.3.2....
Can not add accidental to last note of measure of system (not sure if all measures or systems) has happened more than once. Must go back and highlight note before can add flat or sharp.


There still is no MuseScore 5.3.2...

And yes, the note you want to add an accidental to needs to be selected, how else would MuseScore decide which note to apply it to?

Going back works, but so should clicking the accidental before entering the note, as well as using the up/down arrows after the note has been entered. There should be no difference in this regard between any note or the (currently) last note of the system.

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Thanks again for responding. Going back should work, as it did in 2.3 which I just changed from. But, no, not in 3.5.2 which I have started using. That's why I commented. You have to leave note entry mode to get a natural sign. Not what I was used to. You might read my follow-up to jojo and understand my reasoning better. Up/down arrows do not give a natural sign, unless you have a flat/sharp already in measure. And yes, it should not make any difference where in the measure or system or page you are pushing up/down arrows. Yet, it happened more than once while I was entering notes. If/when it happens again I will more closely note its location.

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You don't have to leave note entry mode. You have to select the accidental before entering the note, same as with durations and voices. This was changed indeed a year or so ago to be more consistent, which is great for new users but those of use who got accustomed to adding accidentals afterwards need to adjust.

Pretty much the only cases where the arrows don't work are courtesy accidentals - places where you don't actually need the accidental but are putting it in as a reminder. I almost never enter these manually any more - instead, check out the excellent plugin you can download for this purpose from the Download menu above.

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