Editing the note values of metronome marks

• Jan 13, 2021 - 19:08

This is an unusual situation. I'm working on music that was originally printed with pendulum tempo markings. I have no problem entering these, but in certain instances, when I enter the standard metronome mark that has a different note value than the time signature indicates (ex. if I want a quarter instead of a half note in cut time, necessary to match the original pendulum marking), I am unable to edit the note value. Also, if I place the metronome mark first, as long as the note value matches the time signature, it appears correctly. But if I want the standard bpm marking to be editorial (in parenthesis after the pendulum marking), the note value turns into a boxed question mark.

I have tried copy/pasting quarter notes from other metronome markings, to no avail. They all appear as boxed question marks. Is there a way around this? Thank you.


To enter a note in tempo text press F2 (fn F2 on Mac) and click the note (and dot if applicable) in the common symbols tab. If you really want a dotted 1/4=120 BPM for example, when you open the inspector you will see that BPM has been converted to 1/4 note value no matter what note you have in the tempo text. So dotted 1/4 = 120 will end up as 180 BPM.

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