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• Jan 15, 2021 - 02:16

Hello -
I am using MIDI keyboard to enter basic chords on a piano / vocal page. Even though I'm playing the notes below C4 (so bass clef notes too) they are all showing up in treble clef with ledger lines, instead of some on treble clef with the rest in the bass clef. When I use the split staff function first time, it worked. But everytime moving forward in the same score, it doesn't split the notes up AND adds a bass clef. I just want the notes that I play on the midi keyboard to properly split between treble and bass clef.

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There is no definition of "properly" - a MIDI keyboard does not transmit any information saying which hand played which note. The best way to enter notes is one staff at a time. if you don't mind letting AI try to guess for you, you can try using a MIDI sequencer to record your playing, then save as a MIDI file, then important that and let MuseScore try to guess. But chances are, you'll spend more time correcting those guesses than had you simply entered the staves separately to begin with.

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This is a command takes one staff and splits in two - adding a second staff below the selected staff and putting all notes below some user-specified split point onto that lower staff. Except in the very simplest of cases, it would almost never be expected to actually sort notes out "properly" because in real music, there is no single split point that separates the hands.

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I gotcha. So it's weird that I highlighted this section of measures (see pic) that I had played on a MIDI keyboard and they were all in the treble clef (with ledger lines) even though I played some below C4 and when I hit split staff - it split them like this?! I did not manually enter them like this. Anyway - I appreciate the remarks. I will enter bass / treble clef manually.

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That's not weird, it's exactly what I expect - the notes below middle C got moved to the new staff. Again, that's what split staff does - creates a new staff and moves notes down to it if they are below your split point. The range of measures selected has no bearing on this - the addition of the new staff and the moving of notes happens for the entire duration of the score.

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