Musescore 3.6 compatibility with Mac OS Big Sur / Mac OS11.1

• Jan 15, 2021 - 20:14

Hi - the download button for Musescore 3.6 says Mac OS Catalina.... Please, is Musescore 3.6 compatible with Mac OS11.1 / Mac OS Big Sur?
I have been caught out with compatibility to Mac OS 11 on the driver for Steinberg's UR22C interface (waiting for new drivers due end Jan before I can record) - so I feel I should explicitly ask the question.


The beta has been confirmed working on Big Sur, so there is no reason to assume the final won't work.
Test it out and let us know ;-)

Can you tell me where you saw that mentioned? For me it shows as "10.10 or higher", which thus includes 11 (as being higher than 10 ;-) ).

Trying to insert system text (italic) in the sheet, the program freeze and I had to reboot?
Now trying again, everything works fine. Hmm? Questionmark?

MuseScore will not open on my macOS Big Sur 11.6 - it initialises the audio driver, then starts Creating the main window... - at which point it freezes.
Any suggestions?

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