3.6 - "Vertical Spacing System"

• Jan 16, 2021 - 10:19

I have being trying to explore the new features in MS3.6 and have met a problem. I loaded a score (" A Scottish New Year.." attached below), followed the instructions in the video


and attempted to look at the new automatic vertical spacing system, accessed via the style menu. However, on my computer the "Reset All Styles to default" does not appear at the bottom of the window. See "Missing Box" jpeg file attached.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Many thanks

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A file generated with 3.3.4? Have you tried with: Better attach the *.mscz file.
Select one of the last measures, Insert the frame (to which you can apply a page break if necessary)

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No - I loaded the score (originally saved in MS3.5.2.311459983 revision 465e7b6) into MS3.6, then did a "save as" from 3.6. Just to be on the safe side I have done this again, saved the new file with a modified name to show that it was saved from 3.6 (see attached), unloaded MS3.6, reloaded it, then the score, and with the same (non) result.
I will try shutting down the computer entirely and start again. I will then report back.

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It does show that button for me. There's something strange going on thoe, File > Score properties > Revision shows 0, that should be 1977cb3 though (it is when I save it), at least the same as Help > About > Revision
And indeed your original score has not be saved with 3.5.2, but with 3.3.4., Which sort of matches the creation date, 1 Jan 2020, the next version, 3.4, came out 24 Jan 2020

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I have done some more exploration and come up with this..
I loaded the original score (from way back when) into MS3.5 and then "saved as". I then "emptied" MS and reloaded this new score. This gave me the MS version as 3.5 in "file-score properties". I then loaded THAT version into 3.6 and did another "save as". I then shut down the computer, restarted, reloaded MS3.6 and then the newly created file. (see attached) This shows the version MS3.6 in the "file-score properties" window. However, the missing "Reset All Styles to Default" in the style window that I reported initially is still not there.
Curious and curiouser.......
I think I will abandon 3.6 for the moment and pick it up again later.

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I suspect you're not using the real 3.6 release but some earlier one, maybe the Beta, as that button is fairly new even in the 3.x branch and IIRC there was an issue with the Revision in some older 3.6 versions ? Download and install it afresh, then check again

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Success - the version I downloaded first time was, and the second time, but I am fairly sure that I downloaded the installation file from the same place!
The first one did display a notice about being unstable, whereas this second one does not. It does now seem to do what the video and the documentation say. I will carry on with my exploration.
Many thanks.

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An update. After my eventual successful installation of MS3.6 I have been trying it out with many of my scores, with complete success!!! So far it has worked flawlessly.

Many thanks to all who responded to my original query. This is not the first time I have used the forums to resolve issues, and I have always had very helpful advice and always with impeccable manners. It disappoints me that this is not always the case, looking at some other threads.
Once again, thank you to everone.

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