Adding Text to Parts Only

• Jan 16, 2021 - 16:59

After I create a score (I'm using MDL drumline parts if it matters) and then generate the individual parts, is it possible to add text to the parts only that do not then show up in the score? Does that make sense? So, for instance, on the tenor line part I want to add some text on one of the measures, but I don't want it to be shown on the overall score.


You can add the text to the part, but it will be linked to the main score as well (as it is content). What you then can do is mark it invisible in the main score though, as that is considered a layout setting and as such not linked between score and parts.

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Not sure what you don't like about it, but note this is in 99% of cases exactly what you want - the vast majority of markings in a score (notes, text, and pretty much everything else) is supposed to appear in both score and parts. It's unusual - but of course not unheard of - to want something that appears in one bu not the other. So yes, the default is for things to be linked, and yes there is a way around it for those few cases you don't want it.

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Well, I don't like it because it's not the way I want it to work. LoL. And I realize that things are "supposed" to appear in both the score and the parts. I'm just doing some things that I don't want it to be that way. And yeah, like the other guy (sorry I can't see your name in this screen) said, there's a work around. Not to be rude on my part, but your comment didn't really add anything to the conversation and you sounded a little condescending to me.

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My reply was meant to be informative, not condescending. not sure what made it seem otherwise, but whatever it was, I apologize for it.

Meanwhile, I'm still not understanding why you'd want it to work otherwise or what alternate design you would propose instead, but feel free to make suggestions,. We definitely want to provide more control over how this linking behavior works but so far there has been no specific proposal of any better design.

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Well, in this particular case, this is the reason I want it to work the way I want it to work: I'm writing some warmup exercises for my drumline. I'm incorporating a two measure tapoff in the snare part, mainly for playback purposes. So the other parts (tenors, bass, cymbals) have a two measure rest shown at the beginning. So for these tenors, bass, and cymbal parts I wanted to add the text "snare tapoff" but do not want those words to appear on the score. I'm not asking for a redesign of the program for somethinike this, that's not my goal. Would it be nice? Yes. Is it worth a redesign of the program? Probably not.

But one interesting thing I've noticed about text between the score and the parts that doesn't follow the "linking behavior" you mention is this: When I add sticking text to the notes below the staff they are way too low so I change the distance so they are closer to the staff. That distance change does not translate to the parts. So I have to go I to each of the parts and change the text distance all over again for all of them. So that might be something you want I take a look at.

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I get that these particular text elements "snare tapoff" or whatever should not appear in the score. but msot should. So somehow we need a way to specify which should and which should not. Since the vast majority should, that's the default, then it's one click to change this. But again if you have an alternate design you think might work better, feel free to propose it!

As for manual adjustments not being linked, this is deliberate as well, also for good reason - most of the sort of adjustments you might need to make manually don't make sense to make the same way in both the score and parts. For instance, a reason you might manually adjust a sticking to be something other than the default is to avoid something in the staff below, but that staff won't even exist in the part. On the other hand, if you just like your sticking at a different height by default, simply change the default in the score before you even generate the parts, then you won't even need to make manual adjustments once much less twice.

But it's also not clear what you mean about sticking being way too low by default, they should be at a pretty standard distance, barely below the note at all, without you even needing to change the style. If you have a score where there isn't so, best to attach it so we can understand and assist better.

The bottom line is, we try to design things so the most common things can be done very quickly with no manual adjustments necessary at all.

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