Hairpin velocity change

• Aug 30, 2014 - 17:24

In Musescore 2.0 Beta, I see hairpins do have a Velocity change property, but it's not doing anything. Maybe this was not implemented yet, because the changelog for this beta version said there were multiple "Playback improvements", including "playback of more score markings" but I don't know if hairpins are one of those. I was really hoping they were


Problem is here that Velocity and dynamics are only linked on Pianos, percussion and guitars.

Woodwind, string and brass control dynamics by breath pressure (ie the Expression controller in MIDI), and velocity controls attack.

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Hi! Thanks for answering I don't think this is really the problem here. If I change manually the velocity of any note using the inspector (changing the Velocity property), the playback reflects that change, playing the note softer or louder, it does not matter what instrument is in use. When I put dynamics on the score all it does to playback is change the velocity from that point onward to it's Velocity property value.

I expected the hairpin to change the velocity gradually to reach a change equal to it's "Velocity change" property in the end and it's not happening.

I'm attaching a very simple example to illustrate. I just think in this example each note should be louder than the one before it, while in the hairpin range

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Of course we had a plugin to do that for us in 1.3 :)

It is part of the issue in that if you enable hairpins by velocity then players of instruments capable of sustained note dynamics will wonder why it's not working for them :)

WE have a very talented young man working on MIDI stuff in the development team atm. Hopefully we will see both of these implemented before too long.

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