Manually adjust the verticle distance between individual staves

• Jan 18, 2021 - 15:36

Hi there, can anybody recommend a way to manually decrease or increase the distance between individual staves on a page? I remember in a previous version this was possible by (I think) hitting shift and dragging?

So far in 3.6 I have not found a way to adjust the distance of even all staves on a page by going to style/page settings/and then adjusting stave distance for the whole score. When I try this nothing happens.

The update video mentions that a previous option to use spacers has been replaced (01:30) but I can't see with what:

I think I clicked on the 'automatic placement' option and 'don't ask me again', if this limitation is related to this, does anyone know where the option to turn this off again is located (I tried reinstalling it but the option does not appear again)?

Many thanks in advance!


Spacers work great if the reason for increasing space is related to a specific situation in a specific measure.

Shift+Dragging no longer works, but the style setting it used to change is still available in the staff properties; were you can set the "additional distance above staff". This settings applies for the entire staff through the entire score.

I would recommend attaching your score here, as I think there may be a few misunderstandings going on here that we can clear up.

Meanwhile, a few things I can say that might help:

The whole point of the improvements in 3.6 is to produce good spacing right out of the box. You should almost never need to adjust spacing further (well, maybe a slight stretch, but still, it should be pretty rare). But the way to go about changing the spacing depends entirely on how and why you want to change it, which is why we'd really need to see the score in order not to steer you astray. Some possibilities - different tools for different purposes - include:

1) to add extra space between one pair of staves just on one system, use the spacer up/down
2) to reduce space between one pair of staves just on one system, use the fixed spacer
3) to change spacing between one pair of staves across all systems, use the extra distance above in staff properties
4) to change the default spacing across the whole score, there are a variety of settings in format / style / page, but again,m we really would need to see the actual score to advise further

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Here is the score. I was doing some counterpoint exercises and wanted to move the bass and tenor staves closer together for comfort. The spacers applied here work well enough, but clicking and dragging like it used to be with shift would be nice. I could imagine working on an orchestral score and wanting to adjust the spaces ad hoc while composing to fit various staves on the screen easier.

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Thanks for the demo, it's good you can do it for individual pages, but it's only really composing in the moment (and usually on continuous view) that I like to adjust the distances. Spacers seem to be the best bet, I will add them at the beginning of all scores I work on :).

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OK, I think I see - you want the staves so close together the lyrics at the end of the score actually overlap the next staff :-). Yes, to make that happen, you need spacers, or else disable autoplace on the lyrics.

Or, just wait to add those lyrics until you're done - the spacing will be tighter by default. Or will be if you reduce the minimum staff distance in Format / Style / Page.

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