Look of Emmentaler as Musical Symbols Font in 3.6

• Jan 18, 2021 - 20:44

The Emmentaler Font I had previously selected for the Musical Symbols Font & Musical Text Font appears slightly different in 3.6 than it did in 3.5 when opening a 3.5 file in 3.6.

Flats are less rounded with a flatter shape and thicker area in front. The flat symbols using Leland or Bravura 3.6 are closer to the old Emmentaler “look.”

Not a complaint however, is this by design?

I haven’t yet tried applying the Improved Score Style or new texts to old scores but so far, so good!

BTW – 3.6 launches 100 times faster on my machine than 3.5 did which is a massive improvement.


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