What is this bug ?

• Jan 19, 2021 - 17:16

Trying to get started on a new score for classical guitar, I don't know how I got this but I'm sure I was fumbling with pickup measure and tempos, trying to make tempo the same for all measures.

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This bug is operator error I think :-)

You have added multiple tempo texts. The tempo of all measures stays constant until a different tempo marking is reached. You don't need to specify the tempo for each individual measure (unless you actually want a different tempo in each measure). So, if you put Allegro in measure 1 and Largo in measure 10, measures playback speed in measures 1-9 will be Allegro and then slow down to Largo when measure 10 is reached. You can delete all those stacked Allegro's by right clicking one of them and using select all similar and then pressing delete.

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No it's not. It's developer not covered bug: if one selects multiple measures, the code is smart enough to figure that out and make a note only to the first measure in the selection.

You can repro with any score, but you already knew about it as shown above :-)

I know now not to select more than one, but the code should account for that and not go happily adding that weirdness.
Thanks for looking.

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