Chord symbol below bar.

• Jan 19, 2021 - 19:51

Hi. A question: Where can I find a style setting so I "by default" get the Chord symbols below and not above the bar? I look around, but I cannot find where. I know I can enter all chord-symbols then "select all" and X to change, but is there no way to make this my default? Where to look?


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It is part of the chord symbol style, if you press the "set as style" button. And will thus be saved as part of a style file if you use Format / Save Style.

BTW, not sure why you're trying to put chord symbols below the staff, but if it's because you are actually doing figured bass or Roman numeral analysis, better to use the built-in facilities for those purposes.

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Thanks for clarifying! I also realized this after changing my default style and creating a new score.
As for why I want the chord below: In many of my old scores being a piano arrangement with lyrics,
the chord symbol (if present) is always better placed below staff 2, not to "interfere" with the lyrics.
(I do not do RNA)

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Again, thanks for your interest in my tiny "problems"/ issues.
Chords above the staff may well be the norm today, but I have multiple (+300) old scores of popular music (1920 – 1950) with “grand staff” piano arrangements, lyrics and chord symbols.
These (the chord symbols) are mostly aimed at accordion players. These scores more or less all have the chords symbol below and "close to" staff 2. That’s the staff that most reflect the chords to be used and
the chord symbols in these scores often try to “mimic” the left hand of the piano.

And, yes, in the case of one staff with lyrics, the chord symbols are always(?) above the staff.

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