arpeggio in grand score

• Jan 19, 2021 - 21:40

MS 3.5.2 applmage in chrome
Arpeggios with or without up arrow stretched across bass and treble notes in a chord are adding space between the staves and that was not needed, otherwise. Only happens as you are saving score.(save as) If you delete arpeggio, staves revert, then add again everything looks fine... save as and when you look it has added space.
Am I missing something? Thanks


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Shoichi. Thanks for your thoughts. The spacer does seem to work. The only problem with this solution, I am just guessing on the space between staves. Not a big problem, but it`s probably not how things should work!
Thanks again for the help.

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Jojo Thanks for the thought. I am afraid I simply could not figure out,yet, how to do it. I even tried searching in the 3 handbook and all I got was Brahms intermezzo? Not what I was hoping! The other answer works, but not the best. I posted because this is not how things worked in 2.3, so I was really wondering if this was an error in the 3.5.2 or even 3.6 versions. I can work around it now. Thanks again for your thought, I`m still searching!

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Jojo Thanks! I know when I am trying to remember something not right in front of me I mess them up all the time. Unfortunately it is only getting worse!! I`ll check things out, but I still wonder if this is how things should work. Seems a lot of extra steps just to add a cross staff arpeggio. Thanks again for clearing my confusion!

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Jojo. I hope you see this. I did disable auto placement(I still forget about inspector, thanks) unfortunately it did not exactly help. The arpeggio was just not where it needed to be and trying to adjust it did not help. I think I will stick with the spacer thought, I could make things look a little better. I will still keep it in mind!

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