Multiple short scores on one page

• Jan 20, 2021 - 00:58

I want to create a set of music sheets that have several scales on a single page. Each score 8 measures long. Can that be done with Musescore? I can create the scores as separate documents but haven't found a way to combine several of these short bits on a single sheet. I'm an absolute novice with Musescore. Be gentle with me.



You can copy/paste the notes from the individual scores to the global one.
In the global one you will have to manually reenter uncopiable elements such as repeat barlines, voltas, ...
Then you may want to introduce section breaks between the copies, ... Or not if your scores finish with a repeat as playback of the repeat is modified by the pause of the section break (very old bug). Just use line breaks then.
All that is a bit tedious but at the end it works.

You say you "can" create these as separate score, but - do you have to? Probablyeasier to just enter them directly into one score, using frames to add titles between them and section breaks to make the end of each.

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