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• Jan 20, 2021 - 09:30

Hi! I've just bought a Win10 tablet pc with a stylus pen and I'm trying to use Musescore without a keyboard.
I create lead sheets for the most, on my pc I use the CTRL+K combination for adding chord symbols. Without a physical keyboard it seems there is not a convenient way to add chord symbols, i mean you can only

  • click on a note, clik on menu -> add -> text -> chord symbol


  • invoke the virtual keyboard and "virtually" press the CTRL+K combination

Since both ways are pretty annoying, I've tried to find a "add chord symbol" button to add to my palette, to be dragged and dropped where needed, but no success.

Am I doing something wrong, asking too much or I'm talking about a feature not yet implemented?


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Place the attached plugin in your plugins folder, then activate it in the Plugin Manager.

From now on, after launching MuseScore, launch the plugin. It'll give you two buttons in a dockable panel to trigger chord/lyrics input.

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Thanks! It's a step in advance but there's a bug: the textbox for entering the chord name does appear, but i'm unable to type anything with the virtual keyboard.
If I tap on the chord textfield, it disappears.
If i open the virtual keyboard and then push the plugin button for the chord symbol, the textfield stays on the screen but every letter i enter is not recognised and the textfield remains blank. This of course doesn't happen if i use the usual menu entry for the chord symbol

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Interestingly enough this focus problem does not exist on my laptop. Meaning that if I click the button I can start typing right away.
And all the button does is call the command that is called by the menu entry.

So it seems that tablets focus-wise simple can't handle this in a decent way.

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It's interesting too that on my tablet if I select the add chord command from the menu, I can start typing right away. It's pretty strange the plugin button behavior on my tablet, I imagined that your plugin was a simple shortcut for that menu (I thought too this was sufficient) but when I push the button it's like the focus is immediately lost, just like when you click away from the fresh blank chord textfield.

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I'm equally confused though, likely because I don't have the tablet experience. From my understanding, the workflow you're looking for is:

(1) Click some button (instead of going through the menu)
(2) Open the virtual keyboard
(3) Type the chord symbol

Whereas the proposed method (changed single key shortcut) would result in:
(1) Open the virtual keyboard
(2) Tap the shortcut button
(3) Type the chord symbol

Which seems to be exactly the same number of steps and effort?

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So you're wanting there to be one command that does two different things:

1) put MuseScore in chord symbol entry mode
2) tell your tablet to display the virtual keyboard

I'm not sure that's even technically possible for MuseScore to do, but probably an AutoHotKey script could be programmed to do these two separate actions.

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That virtual keyboard enables itself onece it detects a text inpit. Same as on your mobile.
And as far as I understand that's the whole point of this request, have a way to get into some text enty mode without having to manually enable the virtual keyboadr.

For a palette entry we'd need to enable such an entry to trigger any of the cmd functions. That's current not possible as far as I can tell, bould would indeed be a useful extension, also for most of the entries in the Text palette, but then into edit mode right after having added them rather than requiring a double click.
So far that seems to (sort of) happen only for the Instrument Change text.

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@jeetee • Jan 22, 2021 - 00:03
it's the same number of steps, but the number of taps is different

@Marc Sabatella • Jan 22, 2021 - 03:52
see Jojo-Schmitz's comment

@Jojo-Schmitz • Jan 22, 2021 - 06:54
you're right, the goal is to get into some text entry mode without having to manually enable the virtual keyboard. The plugin from jeetee seemed perfect but my tablet has a strange behavior on it (see the sub-thread above)

I wonder if adding a right-click option would do the trick… (To elaborate, you could right-click on a note or a rest to select something like "Add Chord Symbol" or "Add Lyric". However, I would caution against doing this too much, as that would eventually bloat the right-click menu.)

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