Automatic installation rollback

• Jan 20, 2021 - 13:28

I appreciate the work done by so many volunteers, but it seems 3.x.0 updates cause installation/crash problems, as 3.6.0 has for me this morning. Evidently the issue is a start repeat in continuous view, I discovered after some digging, but that's the score I'm working on right now, and thus I have to roll back to 3.5.2. This could be made simpler and less time-consuming by the addition of some sort of roll-back mechanism to the installer, perhaps?


In reply to by Jojo-Schmitz

Well, clearly I chose the manual rollback option. But consider the end user, such as my case here: I had about an hour before this work this morning to work on the score. Checked for updates, downloaded and installed 3.6, and my score crashes. What I didn't want to do was spend the hour searching for workarounds, after having to diagnose why the score crashed in the first place. What I would have preferred is to do that later—if at all—and just be able to work on the score in the short time I had available. I should think an automatic rollback feature might allow that.

Then, perhaps later, I might spend time on the forums trying to figure out why the score crashed in the first place , and whether a particular workaround was easy enough to make it worthwhile re-installing 3.6, or whether I should just wait for 3.6.1.

Just a suggestion for future versions.

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