Accordion Notation - underline counterbass

• Jan 20, 2021 - 22:13

In accordion left hand notation, at least in Germany, it is common to underline bass notes that shall be grabbed on the counterbass row. When I write leadsheets for accordion I use slash chords to specify bass tones if necessary and would like to underline some of the bass tones, like this
When I try to underline using the inspector, I can select only the complete chord symbol instead of only the bass tone
The resulting underlined chord symbol is displayed rather ugly
Did I miss something? Any help is appreciated.
Here's my example as MSCZ:
BriseN Snippet.mscz


I'm not familiar with this system, and there is no built-in support for it. Feel free to submit a formal Suggestion to the issue tracker, with a link to a specification for the format you're like to see supported.

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