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I have created a new score and worked through the various screens, however the new composition only has one stave.
Is this normal and how does one add new / additional staves?
Your help would be appreciated


Hi Jeff;
Your question is a bit vague and there are a number of ways to anwser depending onwhat you are asking. If you want ot add to an existing instrument you do that by adding or appending measures. See Measure Operations in the handbook for more on that.
If you are wanting to add additional instruments to the score, the you can go to create/instruments and add the instruments that you want from there.
If you want to expalin a little further exactly what you want to do I am sure we can help you further.


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Thanks for the response.
1. I've got the new Create New Score wizard open and typed in the score title etc.
2. Clicked the next button and have chosen Keyboards fron the instrument list and then the ADD button and then next.
3. Time Signature window appears - time is 4/4 and changed the measure per stave to 6 - clicked finish.

Page now appears on screen for me to enter notes etc. On the page there is only one Treble & one Base clef stave.
Note: in two above after clicking the ADD button I have Removed the Base Clef, this results in just one Treble clief on the page.

The score needs 12 staves
Query is: how do I get 12 staves to appear on the page at the time of creating a NEW score
and how does one add additional staves if required
Many thanks for you help

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I guess you are scoring for only one instrument. So you want more measures and more lines right ?
To add measure press Ctrl + B several times. If you want to break a line, select a barline and press Return.

Instructions for setting up a new score are in the handbook (see create new score ). If you want to add more instruments to an existing score go to Create > Instruments. If you want to add more measures to an existing score see measure operations .

Edit: Sorry Keith, I didn't see you had already answered this one.

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