Uneven System Distances

• Jan 21, 2021 - 20:57

The distance between the systems in this piece are approx. 0.5 inches. But the space suddenly widens to approx. 0.75 inches between just the second and third systems. I tried putting in spacers, but that pushed out the bottom system and I need 6 on a page. Is there a way to manually decrease this space to make it even with the others?

Thank you

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Uneven space between systems.PNG 55.96 KB


Also, under page settings I have the top margin set to 13 mm and the bottom set to 17 mm. But when I print it, there is 25 mm of empty space at the top and only 10 mm at the bottom. The page numbers won't show at the bottom. (This is with Musescore 3.6).

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