Midi Import ignores slides

• Jan 22, 2021 - 15:20

While the midi import function has still some problems, most of them are cosmetic, like only detecting half of the triplets. But the biggest problem is that it doesn't detect any of the articulations the midi does with the notes (slides, blends, vibrato). While it doesn't matter most of the time, there are some midis where it can change the melody, because a note starts below or above the intended note. The given midi (Battle! (Giratina) - ripped from a Pokemon Platinum rom using vgmtrans) is an extreme example of that.

I hope this will get fixed in the future.

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SEQ_PL_BA_GIRA.mid 44.2 KB


Realistically, MIDI just doesn't contain the sort of data needed to produce good notation. It's an inherent limitation of a format that was never designed for this purpose. Not saying things can't be improved slightly here and there, but basically, there is no getting around the fact that the vast majority of MIDI files will require a ton of work to turn into viable notated music.

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