how to input in guitar tabs and transpose it in sheet music

• Jan 22, 2021 - 18:34

I have a 7 string guitar that I want to write for and when I create a score that has sheet and tab notation i want to be able to input low notes on the tab and it rewritten on the sheet notation as going into the bass clef or write an 8va so i dont have to constantly count ledger lines.


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I don't really understand your concern. You want to display 2 staves, isn'it? I quote: " I create a score that has sheet and tab notation"
So, the TAB staff is sufficiently useful and indicated to help you and avoid this kind of possible difficulties with the ledger lines in the first standard staff. In more, the 7th string is not the more used (and often as open string, except I think e.g. to Brazilian music, such in 'Choros' scores)
If you have examples of published scores showing other ways to do things for a 7-string guitar, please attach some pictures here.

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I want to be able to input 4 on the high G string (Dropped G is GDGCFAD so B2) and anything below it be written in bass clef and 0 on the c string (C3) and anything above written on treble clef I dont care if it is exactly that OR i can make it automatically put in a 8vb like the 2nd picture at a set note of my choosing.

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