MuseScore on KDE neon 20.04?

• Jan 23, 2021 - 05:12

Linux time!

Hi all! I have installed KDE neon 20.04, and I remember that on neon 18.04 installing MuseScore was a pretty special experience involving an Open Build Service repo…but I can't find ANY information regarding the proper way to get the latest MuseScore on 20.04. Does the Ubuntu PPA just work this time around? Or has MuseScore just not been built for neon 20.04 yet?

P.S. I remember that last time I posted about installing MuseScore on KDE neon 18.04, someone was actually kind enough to put the solution in the official handbook. Thanks for being so thoughtful! :-)

And thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to help me out here!


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Just tried it, it does appear to work with JACK (which surprised me, to be honest), but I would prefer an actual package so that it auto-updates with the rest of my system and is treated like an application instead of just a file on my desktop. AppImage works for now though, thankfully.

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As noted in the article below, you can install AppImnages so they behave normally (desktop / shelf icons, file associations, etc). MuseScore publishes updates far more often than most Linux distributions, so they tend to be way behind in that department. That's why we go to the trouble of producing AppImages - so Linux users can enjoy the latest version along with everyone else. It's unlikely that distribution maintainers will suddenly start updating much more often, so don't think of this as a workaround - it's really the best way to have the current version of MsueScore available to all Linux users.

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