MuseScore 3.6 on Windows - a possible bug when switching UI languages

• Jan 23, 2021 - 07:14

I wanted to test the brand-new MuseScore 3.6 on my Windows computer.
I went to the General tab in the Preferences dialog, I chose a different UI language and clicked OK. Every time I did this, the MuseScore crash reporter popped up at me.
Unfortunately, unlike other parts of the MuseScore UI, the crash reporter dialog seemed to contain a lot of text that was generally inaccessible to screen-reader users; so the only thing I was able to read was "Detailed crash info" but I didn't know how to actually submit the report after entering some text into the field.
When I wanted to have a rough idea about the rest of the crash reporter dialog, the only thing I could possibly do is try to do an OCR on the actual contents of the screen, but this makes an awful lot of misspelled and uninteligible words, so I was even unable to figure out what the crash reporter dialog said.
Also, I'm unable to verify whether the crash occurs without the screen-reader running or not.
What am I supposed to do then?


Generally switch the UI langiage doesn't crash, not for me at least, on Windows 10.
You are using a screen reader? And do experience a crash with then switching languages?

Hello, sorry to hear this happening! Do you know if there same would have occurred on previous versions? Also, which screen reader? We support both JAWS and NVDA, it’s possible one might work where the other doesn’t.

One idea for a workaround - use the screen reader to get you to the place where you are ready to hit the final button, then disable the screen reader.

That’s assuming the screen reader is relevant at all, but it’s a good theory I will test further.

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Hello Mark,

1. Thanks for your tip. I've tried the way you suggested and it seems that the crash does not occur when the screen reader isn't running but it always occurs when either NVDA or JAWS is running.

2. I haven't tested this with the MuseScore 3.6 beta release which was uploaded in mid-November but if it helps you, I can temporarily install it, because that's the version of which I still have the setup package on my hard drive. What I can say for certain is that MuseScore 3.5.2 definitely does not have this problem.


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