Annoying performance issues with 3.6

• Jan 23, 2021 - 17:48

This is always been a problem with musescore 3 but it's gotten worse with the new update like it always does, it takes an annoying amount of time to place down a note, there's a scratching sound and lag every time I turn on playback. I love musescore dont get me wrong but come on man I'd much rather a working version than a prettier broken version.


What OS? What version MuseScore?
The scratching sound and lag upon playback should disappear once the soundfont fully loads - normally lasting several seconds.
What soundfont(s) are you using? Are they very large and/or numerous?

For what kind of score does it take an annoying amount of time to place down a note?
Can you attach such a score, or does this occur with all scores?

Not everyone experiences your issues and not everyone has identical computer hardware/software, so more info. always helps.

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Well my OP is windows 10 and im currently using musescore 3.6. I only use one soundfont which is generaluser gs v1.471.sf2 since im not very experienced with computers and integrating these programs.

Right now i'm composing a concerto for piano trio which is a relatively big score if you ask me but its not too bad, and yes it does usually affect the bigger scores especially if they have embellishments tremolos and ornaments.

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