Save and Restore Preferences / Settings when changing from Windows Store App to Desktop App?

• Jan 23, 2021 - 20:04

Hello, I recognize that my Windows Store App of Musescore got stuck at version, which has been released about a year ago. There hasn’t been any update since. I can’t find official information about it. However, I assume the Windows Store App of Musescore has been abandoned. I don’t mind changing to the Desktop Version, either installer or portable.

Now, is there a way to save my preferences and settings from the Windows Store App and restore it later in the Desktop App?
That would make it a lot easier. But I don’t know if there is such a function at all. And if so, if there will be compatibility issues across the different platforms.

Thanks you very much.
Best regards, Frank


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Thank you very much. It worked just fine. At least at first sight I don't miss anything.

Actually, the biggest problem was to find the MuseScore3.ini file, which was in a hidden folder and it was excluded from the search function too. For those who want to find the MuseScore3.ini created by the Windows Store App, here is where it was located in my case:


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