Arbitrary staff lines; different notehead fonts in one measure; arbitrary 'lines'

• Jan 24, 2021 - 21:40

Please see attached .jpg for examples.
Within one instrument, change the number and style of staff lines.
Add ability to select notehead 'font'.
Modify lines to include change of width, arrowheads, multiple 'sections.
Measure numbers / rehearsal letters, on arbitrary staves, with different fonts.

For my current needs, control of staff lines is a priority.


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Thanks. Yes, but how would I / do I, design a new staff type, eg dashed lines for staff lines, or 2 lines, top and fourth line down.
I actually did find this in the Text Palette, a most unusual place to hide it. I had looked through staff, measure and format menus. I am not know how this equates to attaching staff, system or performance indications. I tried to do this with a percussion staff [as the printing form], but voice as the instrument and selecting a percussion staff gave me the drum set, which has limitations as to which lines and spaces can be used.
As I recall, this was a standard dialog box in Finale, with a few extra options.

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Thank you. Finale had this as a general problem for a long time. They had a 'shape designer', which worked, but was a dreadful thing to have to work with. For me, the important thing Finale integrated into their product design was that while there are objects [found in fonts], there was also an important area of 'graphics'.
May be this will come about in MuseScore 5.

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Actually, you can say which lines they should be, that's the function of the "step offset" setting. Not sure this solves all of the issue here, and there are bugs & limitations for sure, but anyhow, much is possible. Also, not sure what limitations were being seen with percussion in terms of lines and spaces, but the Edit Drumset facility provides pretty full control there too.

EDIT: probably I misunderstood, you'd also need to fiddle with the line spacing to get the lines not adjacent, and then use fix to line if you need those lines to have specific pitches other than what adjacent lines normally have. Still, it should be possible.

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