The blue instrument bar in Continuous view

• Jan 26, 2021 - 10:26

I have one question and two feature requests related to the blue bar to the left in Continuous view:
Screenshot from 2021-01-26 11-15-39.png

  1. Is there a way to change its colour (and of the text in it)? The contrast gray/blue is poor and it's often difficult to see the instrument name clearly, esp. at smaller sizes.
  2. In the picture, I have scrolled all the way to the beginning of the piece, which means that the input cursor is hidden by the blue bar. This is the case also in other situations, e.g. whenever I navigate backwards before the visible parts of the score. I'll file this as a bug, but I'd just like to hear first if it's a known problem.
  3. This is not strictly about the blue bar itself, but the different views: There is no obvious way to find the controls for it, e.g. if one has at some point disabled the box in the toolbar area. The natural place to look would be under View in the menu, but there's nothing there. It belongs to the File operations toolbar, which is quite unintuitive.


  1. It follows the color preference for ui/score/layoutBreakColor (so would indeed be grayish by default)

  2. I'd file this as a bug. I only see that when navigating backwards through the score using the arrow keys though. I can happily mouse scroll or use the Home key to see the full header again.

  3. Agreed; part of the "problem" here is that the viewing mode historically grew as a style preference within the score. But do file a feature request for placing it in the view menu so it maybe can be included in the MuseScore 4 UI rework.

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Yes, but as noted, it doesn't create a whole bar like that, at least not on it's own. For me it just changes the color of the clef etc.

But - I just noticed there is a setting that controls the overall score color. Wasn't someone just asking recently about wanting light text on a dark background for accessibility reasons? I hadn't remembered this was possible, now I can't find that thread.

EDIT: never mind, found it, commented there -

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I found it! In an old workspace definition, that I've been using as default, stored in ~/.local/share/MuseScore3 and NOT in ~/Documents/MuseScore3, there was a preference setting:

I assume that's an old setting that is no longer used (it's not a colour nuance that I would ever use), hence also not available under Preferences > Advanced.
So that particular problem is solved.
It brings up another one, though: why would these workspace definitions not be stored in the regular config directory, but in the more obscure .local/share area?

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