D.S. al Coda inside First Ending

• Jan 27, 2021 - 17:27

This issue occurs in a score where the D.S. al Coda is working fine, but not when I put it inside a 1st ending, It occurs in the uploaded version here https://musescore.com/user/33781004/scores/6577764/s/feAF7N?share=copy_… . The Coda begins prior to the D.S. That is, it simply skips part of the repeated section. The D.S. is not taken the second time it is encountered.

However, I need to omit the measure containing the D.S. on the 2nd time through. It seemed obvious I should use a 1st/2nd ending approach. But when I put the 1st ending mark on the measure containing the D.S., the playback skips this measure and does not take the repeat.

I don't know if you'd consider this a bug report or a feature request, but I thought I'd treat it as a bug report until confirmed it is not intended to work this way. Thanks. It would make the score very long to physically copy the repeated section.


It is very much by design that a jump instructions (such as a D.S.) is skipped if the measure containing it is skipped due to a volta.
The reason your volta 1 is skipped in m197 is because a volta technically and officially is an alternate ending. It(s repeatlist) is thus evaluated against the most recent start repeat location; which in this situation is m124. Due to the end repeat in-between those two locations (at m125) your first encounter of m197 factually happens during the 2nd repeat.

Now the crazy and fun part about this score is that you can make this work just as you want, because the coda starts right in the middle there and after a jump to a coda, that position is then used as the new start repeat reference with a playback of 1.

So to "fix" your score, set the repeatlist of volta 1 to be "2", which makes it play back the first time you hit m197 (using m124 as the reference point) and then change the repeatlist of volta 2 to be "1". After the jump to the coda, now m188 is the reference point, and being seen as the first playback after coda, it'll thus skip your first volta (with a repeatlist of 2) and take your 2nd volta (with a repeatlist of 1).

See attached.

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