3.6 Audio Playback Issue - Incorrect deivce

• Jan 27, 2021 - 21:53

Hello all,
I just upgraded my laptop and with it, MuseScore. I am on the newest Macbook Pro with the M1 chip and I have Musescore 3.6.
When I first downloaded it, my audio would playback great through my AirPods. However, now my audio from MuseScore is not playing through my AirPods at all and is instead playing out of the laptop speakers at full volume (I also tried with my roommate's 3.5mm earbuds and had the same issue). I tried listening to a youtube video through them to ensure both types of earbuds were connected correctly and the video played just fine through the earbuds. However, my score still blared out of my laptop speakers at max volume - even when my device is on mute or the volume is turned down. If I have no headphones/earbuds connected then everything works fine and my computer's audio is once again able to control the volume of Musescore. I have also already tried restarting my computer.

Is anyone else having this issue? Are there any fixes?

Random side note: This is frustrating because my roommate and I are both in college and I use Musescore for my university assignments as a music major. Unfortunately, living in a dorm limits where I can study without earbuds... I can't go into another room to not bother my roommate or anything like that so I would love to get this fixed as soon as possible! Thank you!


Check Edit > Preferences > I/O
You might need to hit that restart audio devices button in there when reconnecting your AirPods to have them available.

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