Overriding automatic bracketing

• Jan 28, 2021 - 02:32

Hello, I'm engraving a piece for orchestra with a solo string instrument. The string section should be bracketed, but the solo instrument should not be bracketed together with it. There doesn't seem to be an intuitive way around this. I cannot simply select the bracket and move it to the staves I want. See attached photo.

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Go to the instruments panel by tapping i, select the solo instrument, and then select "make soloist." If you still need more granular control, you can also change the ordering to "custom" and delete and rearrange however you like. This advice only applies to the latest version (3.6), otherwise, you could probably just delete your brackets and remake them.

Since the solo staff is above the string section, you have to delete the bracket and re-add it from the Brackets palette (might need to switch to the Advanced workspace to see it).

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