Crash in Note Input Mode - Shift Left or Shift Right

• Jan 29, 2021 - 18:45

Shift + either left or right arrow key in Note Input mode crashes Musescore. This is easily repeatable with either 3.6.1 or last night's nightly build. Crash reports attached. Crash_3.6.1_nightly.txt


I have no doubt it crashes in the case you are testing, but it definitely doesn't crash on just any use of these commands. Must be something unique to the specific score & measure you are trying to use it on. So in order to investigate, we would need you to attach it, or just the relevant excerpt.

In reply to by Marc Sabatella

Marc, I will try again to create the exact scenario, but it did crash repeatedly this afternoon, but I didn't think to save the specific file. I will keep trying (I was working through Mastering Musescore course) and will attach. I've opened several things I played around with today and cannot seem to provoke it now :-(

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