Compatibility with scores made with older versions of the program

• Feb 2, 2021 - 16:37

In the past, I have had problems opening scores that had been made with older versions of MuseScore. It was forcing me to re-enter the score with the new version if I wanted to work with it, which was too time consuming. For that reason, I quit downloading the new versions of the program and just worked with the one that I was comfortable with. Anyone else have this problem or a workaround?


No version of MsueScore has ever forced one to re-enter older scores, not sure what was making think you'd need to do that. If you have a score you believe that for some reason you cannot open in a more recent version of MuseScore than the one that created it, please attach it here so we can investigate. Be sure to tell us the last version of MuseScore you opened it with.

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Please find attached Variazioni.* made with Musescore 1.0 and Variazioni2024.* saved with
"OS: Ubuntu 23.10, Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit): 4.2.1-240230938, revision: d757433"
So I opened the original 1.0 version in current MuseScore and saved it.
The pdf files of both versions are totally different and my conclusion is that current version is NOT compatible with 1.0.

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I opened them with 3.7 and noticed that both have some unusual placements of some elements, e.g. the hairpins.

In the time between 1.0 (a very early version!) and 4.x, many optimizations were made to the engraving. This is of course a reason for a different layout. Especially the hairpins and the positions of the dynamic labels are affected. This only works if they are set correctly.

The first thing I recommend is to select everything and use Format -> Reset Shapes and Positions, which is also faster with Ctrl+A and Ctrl+R. That should fix most of the discrepancies already.

You will probably only have to adjust a few things manually. Rewriting is unnecessary in my opinion.
Attached is a version I saved with version 2.3.2, maybe that's a better starting point.

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The Mu1.0 version has quite many errors on how slurs and hairpins are notated
Imported into 3.6.2 and it looks quite OK, saving and opening that in 4.2.1 and it looks OK too. esp. that measure from the direct import into 4.2.1:
Screenshot 2024-02-22 155744.png

Whatever: skipping 3 major version (2, 3 and 4) and even 3 minor ones (1.1, 1.2, 1.3) is not a good idea, and expecting the same layout is just unreasonable

But believe me: I've ported 100s of scores from one (major) version to another, it does work, and every newer version looks better than the older ever did

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I see some problems with the engraving, e.g. the positions of the hairpins in 3.6.2, which are above the staff and the slurs.
And in my opinion there are some mistakes that were already made in V1, see the selected hairpin and dynamics there as an example. But Ctrl+R should show what needs to be corrected.

MuseScore 3_ Variazioni.png

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