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• Feb 4, 2021 - 14:45

Can this feature be included in the next versions of MuseScore?
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CTRL+END (or the MAC equivalent) moves you to the very last thing in the score.

I don't understand why you would want such a button as part of the playback controls. Once you are at the end, there is nothing more to play. You would have to move back some measures or to the start to get anything else to happen that is relevant to playback.

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I agree, going to the end makes no sense as a playback command, but it does already exist as a navigation command using the End key (with or without Ctrl - I think with selects the last element, without just moves the view). If your keyboard lacks a dedicated "End" key, its usually Fn+Right,. just as Fn+Left is usually Home. Not just in MuseScore, but in any application.

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Isn't the goal better planning and improving MuseScore features? This has been very evident and relevant every day. If you notice and observe this is an interesting feature, even Silbelius has it. Suppose you are at the beginning of a score, you can go to the end with just one click, you don't need to use shortcuts ok.

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Usefulness of the request can surely be challenged, as the well known combo CTRL-END, same as every software, already does the job perfectly.
But I wouldn't mock it by saying "it doesn't" make sense as playback control". Any "player" software I know has that command as e.g. VLC

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My version of VLC has a "skip to next media in playlist button". MuseScore doesn't (yet) have a playlist feature to make use of such a button.

At present, all a "skip to end button" would do is stop playback, duplicating the "stop" button we already have but not allowing the user to continue until re-positioning the playback position. That doesn't seem particularly useful to me, but I am willing to be educated.

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I'm not saying a a Home or End button couldn't make sense, I'm just saying, End doesn't make sense as a playback feature, since you surely won't want to play once you get there.
But I'm also confused, saying that a button allows you to do it with"just one click, you don't need to use shortcuts" - that makes it sound like moving your hand to the mouse, moving the mouse to the toolabr, and clicking the button, is somehow faster than simply pressing Ctrl+End? That shouldn't be the case - shortcut are called that because they are faster than other methods :-).

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