Long slurs misplaced--MS6

• Feb 7, 2021 - 19:20

Something odd, but a workaround is pretty easy. I just wonder if there is some glitch that could be corrected in a later version? Writing in concert pitch, the slur marking is correctly placed most of the time--over top when most of the notes are stemmed downwards and vice versa. However, when transposed to written key, the slur does not change---that is, flip to reflect that stems are now predominantly stemmed upwards. For instance, I just noticed an 8-note phrase that held 7 notes stemmed one way and 1 the other. In concert key, the slur is correct; when I go to written key, the slur marking stays the same as concert key, above the seven notes stemmed upward. It seems, if I remember correctly, that in earlier versions the slur automatically flipped correctly. I know to click the slur, hit "X" and it will flip, or reverse the one different-stemmed note and it will also flip the slur. So, not a huge problem but another to-do in my editing.
Probably not a priority, but maybe look into this in future versions?


In general, slur position should update on transposition as long as it is set to "auto" - the default. But if you manually lock it into position as up or down, that is preserved on transpose. Also, slurs imported from MusicXML will generally have that information locked in as well. To reset to auto, Ctrl+R does the trick, and that's actually the first thing I do after MusicXML import - not just for slurs, but for the entire score (stem directions also get locked in most of the time).

If you continue to have issues after being sure these are set to auto, please attach your score so we can investigate.

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"In general, slur position should update on transposition as long as it is set to "auto" - the default."
Where is this default setting located?
Most slurs are correctly placed, just 2 longer ones in entire piece that I have found. As I said, easily fixed [done already] but odd.

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