How to combine two piano parts into one

• Feb 7, 2021 - 19:55

HI. Just downloaded musescore 3.0. A long time ago, I wrote a piano score in Musescore 1.0 or 2.0 and converted it to a MIDI file. That is all I have now, the midi file. When I loaded the file into MuseScore 3.0, it created sheet music all right, but somehow, split the song into TWO piano parts. I now have two treble and two base clefs on the sheet music, with the treble notes now divided into two piano parts, not one, and the base clef notes also divided. See the image below. Screenshot 2021-02-07 144909.png Screenshot 2021-02-07 144909.png

How do I combine the two piano parts into a single treble and base clef part?

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You can try Tools / Implode, running that a selection of two staves will combine them using multiple voices. Running it a second time on the combined staves individually will merge the voices where possible.

But, it might also be that simply unchecking the option to split staves in the MIDI import panel will do what you want.

You could try using Tools/Voices/Exchange Voices... on the upper staff of Piano 2;
Then copy&Paste, and so on, give it a try.

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Well, Jeetee and Mark, I have to say it worked perfectly. Took me a bit to understand what Implode does and how to use it, but once I understood your clip, it worked perfectly. Copied second set of staffs to the first, deleted track 2, and voila.
Can't thank you enough!
Piece is not done. I have to edit the timing a lot to make it readable, but ...
My 2nd task is to add a violin track to the song. Haven't tried to do that at all. Have to learn how to do so in MuseScore, but I have faith.


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