how to multiply a score

• Feb 9, 2021 - 08:49

A score written for one instrument, how can I multiply the score for two identical instruments that will play exactly the same score?
The reason is that after doing it, I can change the score for the second instrument more easily than writing the whole score anew.
I don't even now how I add an instrument with an empty score
Thank you


found how to add an empty score for an additional instrument: edit --> instruments
from here I can copy and paste the score from the first instrument to the second.
If there is a more clever way to do it, please let me know
thank you

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Actually, slightly faster, and much faster if you want more than one new instrument, is Explode. If the top staff has notes but there are a whole bunch of empty staves below, Ctrl+A to select all then Tools / Explode copies the stop staff to all the staves below. Only makes sense if the top staff is a single-note melodic line, not if it contains multiple notes at once.

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