Is this technically possible?

• Feb 10, 2021 - 10:17

This is just an oddball query - since I'm not a violinist.

Would something like the attached even be possible on a violin?

I think the chords might be, though a chord with a trill emerging from it might not be (in bar 2), and I don't know if it could be extended to bar 3.

If this isn't the right place to post queries about playability, please let me know.

I'm not sure I like the effect much anyway - and if I did want it I could always use another instrument to provide almost the same thing.

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I'm not a violinist, either, so any real violin-players please feel free to contradict me.

On one violin? doubtful . . .

Consider the triple-stop G maj triad--the G would have to be on the D-string, an octave and a 4th higher, which would make it 11th position, at the least. The D, on the E-string, is only a 9th higher. The slur indicates that the bow is not changed between the two chords--which would be impossible, or at least very difficult. In any case, one note of the triple stops--probably the G--could not be sustained.

In isolation, the E-A-C chord might be done with the A and C on the D- and A-strings (in even higher positions), and the E on the open string, maybe (violinsts, what think you?), but it would be difficult and sound weird in context.

In the trilled section, consider that you'ld need two fingers to do the trill, and three for the C-B G passage, and you only have four (the thumb is not used). Also, it would have to be played on the D and A strings (because of the lower G).

If not impossible, certainly not idiomatic.

What other instruments are available? Multiple violins, or a divisi section?

Not too many single instruments, other than keyboard ones, could play this passage, as written.

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It's possible if you don't mind some romantic slides, and maybe rather fuzzy sounds on the D string in the first bar and a half. I've attached a fingering that works for me: starting in 3rd position then up to 7th (with a first finger extension back) for the first chord, and so on. The 2-note chords are all played on the D and A strings. I can't really sustain the trill into the 3rd bar as it becomes a bit of a stretch for me, but a pro could do it. If a brighter sound is wanted it would be better either to reduce the chords or write divisi, with another player.

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