MIDI Keyboard stopped working. Changes in Preferences I/O do not affect MS3

• Feb 13, 2021 - 14:59

The system has working fine for many moons, but today the MIDI keyboard is suddenly not recognized by MS3. Tried an upgrade to 3.6.2, but no difference. Play back works, and clicking individual notes works. The same keyboard through the same interface using Pianoteq software works fine. Oddly enough, when I make changes in the I/O section of Preferences, it does not affect the program. I intentionally set it to inputs and outputs that can't produce sound, and there is no difference. Running WIN10, with Komplete Audio 6 interface.

Side question, anybody know what MMSystem is? All of the I/O names carry that preface.


After hours of changing setting, resetting MIDI devices, and restarting, I again set MIDI I/O to correct Ins and Outs, and it works again. ??? no idea why.

Still don't know what MMSystem is.....

And now settings in Preferences for MIDI In and Out disappear. I am hitting Apply, which greys-out, and then OK. When I open Preferences again the settings have disappeared. I found previous reports of the same issue indicating that the bug would be fixed. I have not had this issues before. I updated today with the most recent MS update.

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Sat still awhile to calm frustrations and the keyboard spontaneously started working. Dunno what going on.
Preferences now maintains entry in I/O fields.

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